Many of them have medical or nursing training. Their fascination with medical issues is expressed in their career choices.

The Lying Disease

It astounds me what people will do purely for an emotional fix from a stranger.

Warrior Eli 10 Year Hoax

“Dr. Feldman told me that faking cancer is very common, both in real life and on the internet.  He said in real life the motivation is scamming people for money, but online the primary motivation is for attention.”

Exposing Warrior Eli Blog

“Most people believed that Kaycee was real because no one would attempt such a massive ongoing hoax. That was the stuff of outlandish conspiracy theories.”

Kaycee Hoax

“But in fandom, there’s a tendency to trust. To take people at face value. It’s different if you’re selling on eBay, or vetting potential dates on Then, you’re cautious, because you know people are trying to get something from you. But a Munchausen’s sufferer wants only your attention, so it often doesn’t occur to you to be suspicious.”

Hawaiian Doctor Hoax

Rock & A Hard Place

Munchausen By Internet

Guardian Article