Finding a Sense of Purpose

I’m sure these few words will come as no surprise to you but I feel compelled to share nonetheless.  I’m not going to try to analyse Maslows heirarchy of needs in one blog but simply to say that we all seek love and approval, just as we all need support structures. How we feed this hunger is seen in many different guises.

Some of us seek to feed this need in perfectly normal means, by finding people who will love and support us. We are mutually giving of our time, support and love. The desire for this is perfectly normal.

There are however others who don’t go about feeding this need for approval, fitting in or a sense of belonging in a healthy manner. Take a troll or a sockpuppet for example. Their hunger is fed only by inciting reactions. He or she seeks to be noticed and a sense of purpose exists only when an emotional response is received. Often it is immaterial whether that emotion be positive or negative.

The criminal or social deviant feeds this same hunger by either fitting in and belonging with others like him or stands out and seeks to be noticed.  Deviance in all its forms is simply a means of proving that we can make others feel an emotional response.

We all want love, we all crave being noticed and feeling important. Don’t forget to try to share positive experiences with those that matter to you, and maybe hug a troll from time to time!

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