People come and go during the course of our lives. Our days pass us by as we incessantly long for each subsequent Friday. We live day by day never foreseeing, expecting or welcoming change.

Once in a while you meet someone that affects you a little differently. They’re not necessarily a drinking buddy, a work colleague or even a lifelong best friend but they help to bring out a side of you that you thought you’d long forgotten or sometimes never even knew existed.

You wish the best for them, you want to protect them, you laugh and you compare ideologies. These are the people that affect me most. I find myself motivated to be a better person so that I may be deserving of a place in their world. These are the people that hurt the most when they leave and it is these same people that you will always wish the best for.

I’m lucky to have had quite a few of these people in my life, one was a boyfriend but most were simply wonderful like minded friends whose opinion I valued and time I cherished. I’m quite fragile when it comes to change and consider it an upheaval anytime someone leaves my world.

Isn’t it time we stop dreaming of Friday, live in the world afforded us and seek to be valued for who and what we are today?

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