A Date with Dublin

This week I spent 2 days in Dublin and wanted to share some of the gems of the city with you. I haven’t always been the biggest fan of our capital city but this week it shone and changed my opinions wholly.

Love Lane

Love Lane

It started with a coffee at Busy Feet & Coco on South William St. My kindle, good coffee and watching the world go by was a beautiful start to my visit. On recommendation from a friend; Joe I went to Temple Bar to find a street art installation called Love Lane on Chatham Court. There’s plenty more street art in Chatham court too.It’s all simply beautiful and well worth visiting.

I then made my way to Musashi in the IFSC for good food and great chats with Tara and Sharon who never fail to make me smile and I’m always sad to say goodbye to. Musashi was awfully quiet, they have delicious food and a great wine list but just not in the best spot, a little off the beaten track for most I guess.

The next day I went back to the city centre. I love to wander about and get a feel for a city. Then I met Joe for lunch in Metro Cafe. I’d heard good things and they didn’t disappoint. The food was great, the coffee was good and the service was impeccable.

Little Museum

Little Museum

Joe and I made our way to the Little Museum of Dublin on St Stephens Green. It is not in fact as little as they would have you believe. It’s housed in a beautiful Georgian building and covers so much of 20th Century Dublin. It’s full of portraits, snippets of history and wonderfully interesting artefacts. It was an absolute delight and was rounded off nicely by a whiteboard type crossword which Joe and I completed with some others who happened to be there. It was a little pricey at €7 per adult but it’s privately run and I guess shouldn’t be compared with State funded museums.

More coffee was needed so we made our way to Clement & Pekoe on South William St. This might just be the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. We watched the world go by and caught up on life, the universe and everything. However Joe’s knowledge of all things Doctor Who was a little disappointing it has to be said.



Joe headed home and I went to the National Library to see the Yeats Exhibition, I really don’t know what took me so long, it’s been going for years. Again I wasn’t disappointed by Dublin. The exhibition was comprehensive and atmospheric. It had so much of the man’s hand written works. There was plenty of information on his wife Georgina and they’d even borrowed his Nobel medal. What made it all the lovelier was a little seated area where you could listen to the likes of Theo Dorgan and Sinead O’Connor read some of his work. I felt utterly immersed in the mind of Mr Yeats as a result of it. The one failing was that some of the bulbs pointed to the printed works had blown and hadn’t been replaced. The highlight for me was listening to Sinead O’Connor recite No Second Troy, a beautiful voice so suited to reciting poetry and in particular my favourite Irish poem.

I then joined the ROSA protest outside the Dail. This was the first day back in the Dail for TDs. I was very surprised to learn that we were not allowed to protest outside our national parliament house and were shooed across the street by the Gardai. It was a small showing but we were loud and full of positivity. Ruth Coppinger TD joined us and we also heard about recent changes and progress regarding Abortion law in Spain.



After buying sunflowers on Grafton St I made my way to Milano for grub with my brother, sister in law and cousin. We were putting the worlds to rights so successfully that we continued on to the Dawson Lounge, the smallest pub in Dublin. It really is quite tiny and not for the claustrophic.

All in all it was a wonderful couple of days filled with great people and great places. There’s so many faces to the city but everything aligned this week to make my trip truly magical. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it and to anyone tempted to visit any of the places I’ve listed here’s some links.


Busyfeet & Coco


Little Museum of Dublin

Clement & Pekoe

Yeats Exhibition


Dawson Lounge

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