Slavery; in the form of the Magdalene laundries, stolen children; adopted out for profit and their records destroyed, encouraging symphysiotomy, covering up child abuse and systematically protecting paedophiles. These are the actions of the Irish Catholic Church to protect Irish society in their role as they see it to keep us on a strong moral path.

This is the same institution that seeks to bully young couples into voting no on May 22nd by threatening to revoke the churches role as solemniser for civil marriage. It is this institution that was pushing pamphlets filled with lies and scare mongering upon their congregation last Sunday regarding the equal marriage referendum.

It is primarily those influenced by the teachings of this group that seek to influence your vote.

Any group in society selling shame and exclusion would not typically be tolerated by us. Please first consider if they really have the best interests of your society and your family at heart before being influenced by their words. Our families and our society are built, developed and nurtured by us in our daily actions with each other, not from a pulpit.




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