Snake Oil in Galway

Update 16th June: The Connacht Hotel in Galway and The Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport have both cancelled their reservations with Brian Clement. As of this morning they have no venue in Ireland for their talks on 23rd and 24th June.


I made a difference today, albeit a small one but it felt good, really good.

I was part of a small group of people who worked towards convincing the Clayton hotel to reconsider their booking with Brian Clement. The Clayton informed us today that this event would not be going ahead at their hotel.
Brian Clement is a snake oil salesman who preys on the sick when they’re beyond hope. He profits from the hopelessness of stage 4 cancer.

Within hours another booking was made in the Connacht hotel so I called in to speak to them. As a concerned local, I asked that they reconsider their decision to host this event. They’ve also had a considerable tirade of online requests this afternoon.
They are currently considering this.

No doubt if the Connacht hotel do the right thing and decide not to host this man, he will move to the next available venue. It’s an unfinished battle but I’ll go on, I do not want this charlatan profiting from the vulnerable in my city. I do not want him profiting from the vulnerable in any city, but I’m starting at home.

It’s just one step in the long struggle to ensure that only those qualified, based on solid research, may treat ailments of any sort here.


Here are some science based bloggers that explain this man and his reprehensible behaviour better than I could:



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  1. Made a difference ??? clearly you haven’t a clue.More cancer patients are killed by chemo every year but hey that’s ok cause somebody in a white coat gave it to them.

  2. I’m sorry you feel this way Martina. Those people in white coats provide medicines that are rigorously tested and undergo intense scrutiny. Not all medicine works all the time on all people but there are double blind peer reviewed studies to back up their claims. I’ll put my health in their hands first every time.

  3. double blind peer reviewed studies paid for by big pharma ………enough said. Have you never stopped to think why cancer rates are increasing year on year even though millions of dollars are pumped into ” finding the cure”.There is more money in not finding the cure.The only people I know who survived cancer are one’s who took a natural approach , all others who followed the orders of men in white coats and did chemo are now dead.The cancer Industry is the biggest scam ever

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