“What’s meant for you won’t pass you by”. I hear this far too often. It’s a ridiculous platitude and utterly wrong.
The universe owes you nothing, there is nothing that was meant for you. It plays on our belief in luck or fate. If we really had a predetermined path, why would we bother getting up in the mornings?

I’ve never considered myself particularly lucky but looking back I guess I haven’t done too badly.
I’m indecisive so maybe that’s why I’ve never given anything on my path too much focus. I tend to quit people and challenges far too easily.
More than anything though, people baffle me. I find they leave my world with more ease than I’m comfortable with. I have some great friends but I don’t gel easily with most people.
I’m lonely more often than I’d like to admit but mostly unwilling to truly open myself up to all except a very select few.
I guess I am quite lucky in that I have those few to turn to.

A few years ago I was at a low ebb, I joined Twitter simply because I wanted company, I needed some new friends in a new city. I’ve never looked back, I’ve made some fantastic friends that I’ll hold dear for years to come. I recently put similar efforts into my love life. I’d neglected it for far too long, it’s hard to believe you’re worth someone else’s time and effort when your self esteem is so lacking. I bit the bullet, I put myself out there, got back on the horse and rejoined the dating world.

For those of you that haven’t been there, it’s awful, truly awful. There’s a hell of a lot of frogs. A lot of men tend not to read your profile at all, they just look at the pictures. Men seem to not put any time into their own profiles either. You see, if you’re a Catholic, mountain biking fitness fanatic who is looking for someone to marry and have your children then there’s really no point in connecting with me. We have absolutely nothing in common.

I’m continuing to trawl through the frogs in the hope for someone for me. Wish me luck and watch this space.


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  1. Great blog, keep fighting the good fight.

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