I love online dating, I really do! I especially love it when I click that I like someone and nothing happens. This can only happen if they haven’t liked me back. It brings me back down to earth and keeps my ever-soaring ego nicely in check.

If I do match with someone I relish getting that first message, especially when it just says “Hi”. I can’t tell you how easy it is to start a conversation with just those 2 letters. I don’t see it nearly enough.

Sometimes I don’t get ‘Hi’, once I got ‘God u r a honey lets do dinner’. If only he’d punctuated I’d have been all over that, I swear.

Occasionally when I initiate conversation, I even get the wonderful ‘Hi’ as a response to my well thought out first statement. I love that.

This was from another adorable suitor, a different kind of wonderful altogether. It’s too good not to share:

Up For It

Up For It









If we do get to conversation I love the pictures that guys seem to want to share. Sadly I’ve been spared the plethora of ‘dick pics’ that women tell me they get from guys online. What is wrong with me? Why don’t men want to share their ‘dick pics’ with me? Is it something in my profile? Do I not look like I’d like a nice ‘dick pic’? Can anyone help me with this obvious flaw in my dating profile?

So after the conversations online, we come to the first date. Recently I’d arranged to meet a guy for coffee. He had his kid for the day so it would be late afternoon or early evening. That was absolutely fine, anyone that knows me, knows I love nothing more than to be kept waiting by the phone until he tells me he’s ready to meet me at a time of his choosing. I was super excited, who wouldn’t love that! He never called. I can’t tell you how delighted I was by that wonderful episode of ghosting. He’s a keeper.

There was one particularly special image I received that I want to tell you about. It was shortly after the first date. Do you remember Titanic? The movie, not the ship! Do you know the pose that Rose took when she asked Jack to paint her like one of his French girls? Yes. I kid you not, I received that picture to my phone in work one day as I sat at my desk. And, to make it even more wonderful, he had wall to wall mirrors in his bedroom if the picture is to be believed. I’m not going to share that one though, that one is just for me.

It’s events like this that keep me engaged in the online dating world. Who would want to die alone or settle down with someone when there’s such excitement out there to look forward to?

Keeping you posted, one wonderful experience at a time.

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