Casting A Wider Net

Since I first started this project I’ve been chatting to a few guys that were around my age and sometimes a little older. These were what was left after I’d filtered out the auld fellas wanting a nice obedient wife. Why they thought they could find that in me I can’t possibly imagine. Nevertheless, I’d defaulted to the age appropriate category which can be quite tedious at times. It’s all very serious in there. Yes, these guys have been around a while and they know what they want, but I’m not looking to be rescued from singledom. I’m simply exploring a new world and seeing what’s out there.

Then it all changed. A few days ago I altered some of my online settings and the dating world turned on it’s head. I’m now attracting many more prospectives. I’ve no idea which particular minor change affected that. If I did I’d share this detail all 3 of my single friends. I’m no longer searching, I’m now being sought out.

What’s more noteworthy is that I’ve started attracting younger guys. Now, I’m not a cougar, I’m not yet old enough for that and at first wondered if this was a good idea. Then I had a good long talk with myself and we all decided that there was plenty of fun to be had and plenty of time to settle down. I’ve no plans to break the 7 Year Rule, well not yet anyway.

I’d simply been taking this project far too seriously. Why? I don’t feel the need anything long term. I’m independent, got my own car, career and house (well half a house at least). I don’t need someone to provide for me, I can do that myself. But yes, it would be nice to have someone to share my time with. In the meantime, I think there’s plenty of fun and interesting people of all ages to meet out in the big scary world of online dating.

Yes, the older lads I’d been chatting to are far more age appropriate but for now I’m casting the net a little wider, you’d never know what sort of fish I find. Someday I’ll meet my special someone and I’ll have no time or interest in writing about online dating but in the meantime I’m going to have some fun!


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