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At the start of the summer my friends were having trouble keeping up with the men I was meeting so I found myself describing them by a characteristic of theirs. I hoped it would mean no more confusion between 2 Mikes and no more questions of “Which one was he again?” They each got a nickname, and while it may seem to make my attitude towards them a little less personal, I found that it made them each more memorable. Here’s a selection of some of the the nicknames I’ve assigned:

Burger Man, The Nerd, Wednesday, Photo Guy, Gym Guy, Duracell, Smiles A Lot Guy, Cycles A Lot Guy, The Geek, Barman, Mr Premature, IQ Of A Spoon Guy, Yoghurt Man and the Planner.

Then a small problem began to  emerge. Yoghurt man is extremely nerdy, Smiles a lot guy also cycles a lot and Geek is only called that coz Nerd was already taken. In fact quite a considerable proportion of them are either nerdy or geeky and more of them are ginger than I’d like to admit.

There’s a definite pattern appearing here. I’ve stopped short of performing a trend analysis of what I seem to go for but if anyone happens to know a cute single ginger nerdy type with a great smile who likes to cycle, would you send him my way?

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