Double Standards

We’ve all got a type, there’s no denying it. But why is it that so many women when filtering through the potentials online, they insist that their choice of man be tall? 6 ft is a minimum, it seems.

I’ll admit, I like tall, what woman doesn’t? There is something lovely about a strong tall man wrapping his arms around you and making you feel safe and enveloped. I like to think it doesn’t matter to me as much as it does other women but I will absolutely draw the line at shorter than me. Yes, I know that makes me shallow. Surely we shouldn’t be judging or disregarding men based on something they can do nothing about and something that has no bearing on their character or the potential for a successful relationship.

If a man said his type was size 10 we’d be irate, we’d call him a superficial pig. Surely our weight is something that can (in most instances) be altered. Both height and weight are simply measurements and are no reflection on the person inside. Yet height is fixed. The best guy in the world could be 5’4″ and we wouldn’t even look at his profile. Surely that’s at least as shallow as only dating skinny women. It’s possible women are actually far more superficial then men and just don’t see it.


Why is this? Is it because evolution has told us that a mate needs to be big and strong to ward off wild animals and be a better hunter? Is it our social conditioning toward the ‘tall, dark and handsome’ partner?  Is it at all possible that simply because we’ve told men they must be tall, those that aren’t will fail to demonstrate that confident masculinity we desire so much?

Shouldn’t we put more weight into characteristics such as honest, warm, generous, caring and fun? Height has no bearing on how he will treat you so why is it so important to us?

I’m aware I’ve made some generalisations and plenty of assumptions. Again I don’t know the answers, nor do I see myself altering my perceptions any day soon. For now, I remain at least a little bit too shallow.


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  1. Age, distance, height and weight are all just a number seemingly. Nice piece.

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