The Dress

There are countless variables that go into a successful date. A small selection of these include: are you familiar with the venue, is the atmosphere conducive to conversation, is it coffee or drinks, and how have you been getting along virtually.

There is one thing I can have complete control over and it helps a lot to calm the nerves. I have a dress. Shocker, I hear you say, we’ve all got a dress. This dress is different. It isn’t spectacular, nor does it have some fancy schmancy designer label. What this dress can do is make me feel good about myself and I feel completely comfortable in it.

I’ve worn it on a lot of dates, every 1st date since last October to be exact and it has never let me down yet. I try not to believe in luck so this isn’t my lucky dress, it’s simply my first date dress. Since selecting this uniform for first dates I haven’t yet had a first date that failed to turn into a second unless I decided I didn’t want a second.

In this dress I’m relaxed and comfortable. This must shine through as it’s got a 100% success rate. I highly recommend selecting an outfit that you feel good in, that you look good in and using it for dates only. By all means, trial run a few options first before selecting the right one. It’s the single ingredient in a first date that you’ve got complete control over.

That’s my two cents.


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  1. So… cargo shorts and a teeshirt is out? That’s what I’ve been doing wrong?

  2. Haha!! Well you got the ‘feeling good’ part down but maybe concentrate on the ‘looking good’ part a little more.

  3. I was being a little funny, but then I remembered I wore one to my last date. I knew her style is pretty much all black and ended up going with a black teeshirt with something I thought she’d find funny. And it was January, so pretty sure I wore nice jeans.

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